What is this CNFT project?

The first Arabic Calligraphy / Islamic Art NFT Collectable series on the Cardano blockchain: The 99 Names of Allah together with Allah (swt) are a 100 NFTs which come in 3 variants each - Gold on Black, Gold on Green and Brown on White. There are two issues (seasons) of this NFT project.

How many NFTs are there?

In Season 1 - modified Thuluuth style - all in all there are only 300 unique NFTs of which several NFTs have been given away to my Twitter followers before and after the start of minting.

Season 2 - Kufic style - contains only 300 unique NFTs.

There are only ever going to be 2 issues (seasons) of The 99 Names of Allah CNFT.

Is the project verified on secondary markets?

Yes! Currently verified by policy ID on JPEG.STORE.

What is the Policy ID?

For Season 1 NFTs there are 3 Policy IDs for the 3 variants of the NFT collection:

Black on Gold: e846aaf542d3fbb548f26f6424c20659f9bb32890af076da664d3143
Green on Gold: 933febfb1e3de96dbfdfe39ab6c253ef99eae1325917c361a565a571
Brown on White: 22e7d6e67d5ed3ae49f010a35f7e8140d4dbef01d0b998139afcfa65

Season 2 (Kufic): 6aeda904a9f82f1affc8e360165c03f4dbaa673e9fd45374e9898f99

Who are you?

I'm a humble enthusiast in all things Arabic and Islamic doing what I love to keep growing. You're invited to grow with me, one calligraphy piece at a time...

How much per piece? What is the minting address?

Regardless of the low ADA value these days, I decided to go ahead with just 19 ADA per randomly selected piece for the Season 2 CNFTs as I want to get as many people to hold the first Arabic Calligraphy Art collectable on Cardano. The transaction fee is included.

If you would like a specific NFT, you can choose from here https://tinyurl.com/arabicnft. The price is 99 ADA for any particular one you want (except Allah) - send me a message on Twitter before sending ADA.

The minting address for Season 2 is: addr1vx5dqa25ym4cjqpdkeydxedcsmm6ezhz2zhv7d4qcmkttds009pf0

Please follow the project's Twitter here @ArabicNFT_art
As I am more of an artist than a highly technical person, I am manually sending out the NFTs in a random fashion. Please allow a few hours till you get your NFTs.

Please make sure to use a Cardano wallet such as Daedalus, Eternl (formerly knows as CCVault), Namiwallet etc.
Daedalus is for desktop only and it takes quite some time to download it as you're actually getting a full Cardano node. Eternl is web-based. Nami Wallet is a browser based wallet extension. Yoroi is for mobile.

Do NOT send your ADA from any exchange wallet (Binance, Coinbase, etc.).

Season 1

The 99 Names of Allah - 3 variants x 100 CNFTs in a modified thuluth calligraphic style. Thuluth is an elegant, cursive script used for centuries in mosque decorations.

Season 2

The 99 Names of Allah Islamic CNFT collection in the square Kufic style. It is characterized by an absence of any flowey, wavey features; straight lines are perpendicular or parallel to each other, and darkness/lightness is easily detectable.

Al Azeez Gold on Green - 2nd batch
Ar-Rahmaan 3rd batch
Allah - 1st batch
Al Azeez Gold on Green in the Kufic style
Ar-Rahmaan Brown on White in the Kufic style
Allah Gold on Black Kufic style