What is this CNFT project?

The first Arabic Calligraphy / Islamic Art NFT Collectable series on the Cardano blockchain: The 99 Names of Allah together with Allah (swt) are a 100 NFTs which come in 3 variants each - Gold on Black, Gold on Green and Brown on White.

How many NFTs are there in the 1st issue?

All in all there are only 300 unique NFTs of which 9 NFTs have been given away to my Twitter followers before and after the start of minting.

There will only ever be 2 issues (seasons) of The 99 Names of Allah CNFT.

Is the project verified on secondary markets?

Yes! Currently verified by policy ID on cnft.io, artifct.app, tokhun.io and genesishouse.io.

In addition, I added the project to the NFT Craze Gallery App so you can look at your whole Cardano NFT collection.

What is the Policy ID?

There are 3 Policy IDs for the 3 variants of the NFT collection:

Black on Gold: e846aaf542d3fbb548f26f6424c20659f9bb32890af076da664d3143
Green on Gold: 933febfb1e3de96dbfdfe39ab6c253ef99eae1325917c361a565a571
Brown on White: 22e7d6e67d5ed3ae49f010a35f7e8140d4dbef01d0b998139afcfa65

Who are you?

I'm a humble enthusiast in all things Arabic and Islamic doing what I love to keep growing. You're invited to grow with me, one calligraphy piece at a time...

How much per piece? What is the minting address?

I decided to go ahead with just 19 ADA as I want to get as many people to hold the first Islamic Art collectable on Cardano. The transaction fee is included.

The minting address is addr1q8g0ahpw9tfxrq90txq0ukjkkc5w4g3nv4ns8lnknursehml986qasp0hqd3ult8kqszl23sfh05wtta9a6jv2wv6qlsulazdf

Please follow the project's Twitter here @ArabicNFT_art
As I am more of an artist than a highly technical person, I am manually sending out the NFTs in a random fashion. Please allow a few hours till you get your NFTs.

Please make sure to use a Cardano wallet such as Daedalus, Namiwallet, Yoroi etc.
Daedalus is for desktop only and it takes quite some time to download it as you're actually getting a full Cardano node. Nami Wallet is a browser based wallet extension. Yoroi is for mobile.

Do NOT send your ADA from any exchange wallet (Binance, Coinbase, etc.).

Season 1

The 99 Names of Allah - 3 variants x 100 CNFTs in a modified thuluth calligraphic style. Thuluth is an elegant, cursive script used for centuries in mosque decorations.

Season 2

The 99 Names of Allah Islamic CNFT collection in the square Kufic style. Details to be announced.

Al Azeez Gold on Green - 2nd batch
Ar-Rahmaan 3rd batch
Allah - 1st batch